Matías Gobbo



Born in Mar de Plata in 1983.

Graduated from the Luis Gianneo Conservatory in Mar del Plata, he studied composition with Marcelo Perticone. He began playing the bandoneon in 2005 and one year later he was selected for the two-year Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce programme (2007-2008). Within this programme directed by Néstor Marconi, he also received intensive instruction from Ramiro Gallo and Federico Pereiro. Today he is studying composition at IUNA with Santiago Santero and Roque de Pedro.

In 2005 he formed the Quinteto Zum as bandoneonist and music arranger. Later in 2006, he performed on different stages in France and Spain as a cultural ambassador for EMTUR (the Mar del Plata Tourism Agency). For the last 5 years he has been living in Buenos Aires where he has performed in different venues such as El viejo Almacén, Confitería La ideal, Café Tortoni, 36 billares, and Teatro 25 de Mayo. 

He has been a member of the Quinteto Bataraz since 2013.